Balayage vs Ombre: Which is Perfect for Your Hairs

February 21, 2023by definehair

If you want to change your hair colour and can’t decide between Ombre and Balayage because, you don’t know the main difference between balayage and ombre.

The ombre effect is generally a two shade color that fades from dark to light or even light to dark in some cases. It is done by lightening hair from the tips up to create a horizontal fade into your natural hair colour right around the jawline.

Ombre is a low-maintenance hair color technique that can be performed with natural blonde, brown or red hair shades. You can also choose bold ombre with purple, blue and vivid red. Ombre style is easy to maintain, comfortable, versatile and there are countless ombre options for this hair color style.

Balayage Hair Color Technique

Balayage refers to highlights that are hand-painted onto the surface of your hair. The highlights generally begin away from the roots of your hair and become heavier as they travel down the hair length. The hair color is applied on the surface of your hairs in vertical sweeps, so the underside of the hair length remains darker, giving your hair locks an exceptional glow. Just like ombre, balayage is an easy-to-maintain hair coloring technique that can be performed with hair color in any shade, from natural blonde, brown, or red to rainbow shades.

Can You Choose Both Balayage and Ombre Technique?

If you are unsure about which technique to choose, go ahead and take the best of both worlds. You don’t need to choose one over the other as both are hair coloring techniques. Your experienced hair stylist can combine both techniques with any colour shade.

Particularly if your hair is lengthy, the techniques are a must-do. Looks created with balayage and ombre technique look amazing with hair that is shoulder length or longer.

You should consider your hair length, hair color, the color you want to highlight, and how often you are looking to go back in for touch-ups. Choose Balayage Hair Salon in Vaughan to ensure top quality free-hand application of highlights.

Brighten Your Hairs with Hair Coloring Techniques

Both Balayage and Ombre are designed to ensure root regrowth looks as natural as possible, making them low-maintenance, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Consult our experienced hairstylist to know which technique meets your hair goals. Contact us today to learn more about balayage in Vaughan.